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Calf Pellets (Finisher)

16% Protein 100kg

Unit Per 100 KG
Industry Agriculture
Category Calves
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100kg Calf Pellets 16% protein or more

Suitable for calves from 80kg live weight. The calf pellets will be a high protein (16%), balanced supplementary feed designed to bridge the energy/protein gap and meet the calf’s future growth needs from 80kg onwards. Will contain Bovatec or similar to prevent coccidiosis. (Scours) The pellets will be suitable for use in once-a-day and twice-a-day feeding systems. The Pellets will made up of: Grain and or grain by-products, various plant proteins, food by-products, minerals, vegetable oils, mould inhibitor, vitamins and trace minerals, plus Bovatec or similar These pellets will be a balanced energy/protein blend to maximise growth during rumen development. Calves that have been weaned onto high protein spring pasture require less protein in a concentrated feed than younger stock.

  • Supplied in 25kg or 20kg
  • The Pellets will consist of at least 16% protein
  • Be a highly palatable formula
  • Contains Bovatec or similar, for coccidiosis prevention
  • Pellets to be free of PKE