The Scoop

FlocknSave is the fastest & most effective way to save time & money for your business

FlocknSave can be used to purchase generic goods and services like Electricity, Fuel, Finance, Fencing, Fertiliser, Animal, Health, Sprays, Contracting etc
FlocknSave is a new game changing tool that enables small businesses to come together and purchase goods & services more efficiently to reduce their input costs, whilst Suppliers benefit by reducing new customer acquisition cost.
FlocknSave is available on any device 24/7 in the upper North Island and growing every day as members advise us of their needs and tell others of the time and money savings benefits.
FlocknSave is available 24 /7 for SME Buyers, Suppliers who believe in helping others save time and money will ultimately benefit themselves. The more who participate the more effective the results.
  • We provide an 'Open Source Market Place'

    ✔ Everyone is instantly accessible in one place no adverts

    No spending hours searching for suppliers or customers

  • We enable ‘Commoditization’

    ✔ Products by specification not by brand

    No spending hours comparing apples with bananas

  • We enable ‘Aggregation’

    ✔ Instant Power in numbers Flock together n Save

    No spending hours getting others onboard to increase volumes

  • Only the ‘Best price wins'

    ✔ Automatic live reverse auction plus weekly option

    No spending hours haggling on the phone or by email

  • You are ‘Anonymous’

    ✔ Buyers and Suppliers remain anonymous

    No need to accept any offer or obligation to bid

“Like you, we were frustrated at the cost of basic goods and services in NZ and how it holds the economy back?”

“So we decided to put our money where our mouths were and develop a market place where Buyers and Suppliers can come together & negotiate the best deal quickly and effectively”

“Now its your turn..
Help us by getting amongst it ”.

Flock together n Save together

Colin Mc Dowell & Peter Stockley